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Department of Breast Surgery

PositionFullnameFieldCertifications etc
Director of Breast SurgeryMorimoto
Breast diseases, Chemotherapy・ Japanese Breast Cancer Society mammary glands specialist
・ Japan Surgical Society specialist and advisor
・ Japanese Society of Gastroenterological Surgery specialist and advisor
・ Japanese Society of Gastroenterological specialist


As a major hospital playing a central role in our health community (an associate base hospital of regional cancer treatment (government-designated), we have 2 specialists providing diagnosis and treatment for diseases of breast.

The number of patients with breast cancer, which is one of the representative diseases, has increased. We perform breast cancer screening, diagnosis, and treatment.

The different breast cancer treatments (surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, hormonal therapy, and molecular targeted drug therapy) are combined, depending on individual patient medical conditions and disease stages, to provide the best care.

Treatment of breast cancer is complicated and female-specific concernes could arise. We have certified breast cancer nurses who are always available to give advice in the case. We perform breast reconstruction jointly with the Department of Plastic Surgery.

Operation for Breast Cancer136154151137162179
Immediate Breast Reconstruction101824182824
Surgery for a Benign Breast Tumor202713262025
Stereotactic Mammotome191521405561
Breast Cancer Screening1,2441,2141,2481,4111,7031,674