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Yao Municipal Hospital

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Dermatological diseases are often seen as simple rashes and not thought to be a big deal. But it represents a wide range of diseases : collagen disease, systemic vasculitis, viral infections, bacterial infections, occlusive disease of varices and arteries, allergic diseases (including atopic dermatitis and drug rashes), psoriasis vulgaris (considered to reflect the westernization of eating habits), skin tumors, etc. It often occurs that symptoms appear first on the skin and after that various general symptoms are displayed. On this occasion, a more important disease can be often discovered.
In our department, we are careful not to overlook these important signs. Therefore, for any kind of disease we perform meticulously periodic examinations and treatment reviews. The results are each time fed back to the patients and appropriate treatment is chosen in agreement with the patients themselves.
・Patch tests, connective tissue disease, bullosis and other chronic conditions
・Tissue examination by means of skin biopsy
・Treatment of minor surgeries, etc

A message to medical institutions
Currently, 1 part-time doctor at Dermatology is conducting initial/scheduled medical appointments.
Therefore, cases that involve hospitalizations may not be accepted at this hospital.
To receive an introduction, please contact us through the regional medical cooperation division beforehand.