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Thoracic Surgery

PositionFullnameFieldCertifications etc
Specially Appointed Director, Director of Thoracic Surgery, Executive Director of Infection ControlKodama KenThoracic Surgery (surgery of lung cancer, mediastinal tumor, etc.)・Japan Surgical Society specialist and advisor

・Japanese Association for Thoracic Surgery advisor

・Japanese Board of General Thoracic Surgery specialist and advisor

・Japanese Board of Cancer Therapy assistant instructor

・Foreign doctors training advisor
Director of Palliative Care Center and  Medical Director of  Thoracic Surgery Kimura  Yukio Respiratory, esophagus, cancer chemotherapy, cancer palliative therapy・Japan Surgical Society specialist

・Japanese Board of Cancer Therapy certified oncologist

・Japan Esophageal Society certified esophageal physician

・Japan Medical Association certified occupational physician
Medical Director of Thoracic SurgeryMomozane ToruSurgery, Thoracic Surgery・Japan Surgical Society Specialist

・The Japanese Board of General Thoracic Surgery Respiratory Surgery Specialist
Assistant Medical Director of Thoracic SurgeryShigetsu Kaichi General Surgery, Critical care