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Plastic Surgery

PositionFullnameFieldCertifications etc
Medical Director of Plastic SurgeryNakano
 ・Japan Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery specialist and advisor
・Japan Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery certified advisor for skin tumor surgery
・Advising doctor in the reconstructive microsurgery field
・Japan Society for Surgical Wound Care Certified Specialist
・Japan Oncoplastic Breast Surgery Society,
Principal Certified Surgeon of Expander/Implant for Breast Reconstruction
・Medical Clinical Instructor
Assistant Medical Director of Plastic SurgeryTakegawa
External wounds and burns 
Assistant Medical Director of Plastic SurgeryTakeji
Doctor of Plastic SurgeryYoshida


The Plastic Surgery is a specialized department that aims for "functional restoration" and "improvement in the quality of social life" of patient, and chiefly deals with diseases related to the form of body surface.

Not only positively accept patients who suffered traumatic amputation such on fingers, we also treat all disorders of Plastic Surgery.

●Finger Amputation

Since this hospital is located in a manufacturing district, we provide 24- hours on-call, emergency medical service for patients who suffered finger amputations.

We provide not only restorative operations, but also autotransplantation using microsurgery which is a reconstruction operation connecting a blood vessel and nerve under the microscope if the tissue is seriously damaged.

According to the Yomiuri Shimbun Newspaper, the number of restorative finger operations in this hospital was the third largest nationwide in 2016.

We also provide rehabilitation for finger injuries in cooperation with the rehabilitation department.

●Breast Reconstruction

We provide breast reconstrucion by using patient's body tissue or an implant in cooperation with the Breast Surgery department and a certified nurse of breast surgery.

We provide the primary reconstructive surgery which is a combined surgery with breast cancer surgery, and the secondary reconstructive surgery for the breast which has had an operation before.

●Intractable Injury

The cause of intractable injury is nervous disturbance (foot numbness) by diabetes, obstruction of blood flow by arteriosclerosis, blood retention by a varix, autoimmune disease, and so on.

Except for the general outpatient visit, we provide the outpatient of intractable injury visit because an appropriate treatment, including understanding patients' background and making an examination, and determination of patient's treatment principles, are important.

Some cases need to have an examination from diabetic internal medicine and Cardiovascular Medicine.

Also, cooperation of nurses, physical treatment, prosthetist is essential for the treatment.

In recent years, the number of injuries from obstruction of blood flow from arteriosclerosis is increasing.

Once arteries of the limbs get narrow, it is difficult to supply blood to the tip of the toes, and it makes the injury difficult to cure.

In that case, treatment which improves blood system by blood vessel catheter will be needed.

Our cardiology department provides a wide variety of treatment including treatment for arteries of the limbs.

We also provide treatment of various veins of lower extremities and it's relating ulcus cruris, and ingrown nails.

Preventing recurrence of injury is very important, for example; foot care or wearing assistive devices.

Also, saving part of the limbs can be possible by multidisciplinary therapy even in the case when amputation of lower extremity is needed.

We positively provide treatment with a focus on injury of the lower limbs.

●Lymphedma Limbs

Lymphedema of the limbs includes congenital or unexplained lymphedema (primary lymphedema), and explained lymphedema (secondary lymphedema) such as lymphadenectomy for cancer treatment.

We provide treatment of venous anastomosis of lymphatic vessel by dealing with lymphedema.

This treatment is reported that prevents phlegmon which developes in 30 % of the patients of lymphedema.


Plastic Surgery treatable diseases :


  • Nevus (moles, birthmarks), hemangioma (red bruise)
  • Skin tumors, scars, keloid
  • Burns, facial bone bone fractures, face injuries, finger injuries, cut fingers
  • Polydactyly, syndactyly, accessory auricle, preauricular fistula, cryptotia, cleft earlobe, umbilical hernia (protruding navel)
  • Ptosis (drooping eyelids), varus disease (trichiasis), ingrown nail
  • Breast reconstruction, inverted nipple
  • Intractable ulcer
  • Varicose veins of lower extremities
  • Lymphedma, etc.