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Department of Dermatology

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Director of DermatologyTakagi
General dermatology・ Japanese Dermatological Association advisor


Dermatological diseases are often seen as simple rashes and not thought to be a big deal. But it represents a wide range of diseases : collagen disease, systemic vasculitis, viral infections, bacterial infections, occlusive disease of varices and arteries, allergic diseases (including atopic dermatitis and drug rashes), psoriasis vulgaris (considered to reflect the westernization of eating habits), skin tumors, etc. It often occurs that symptoms appear first on the skin and after that various general symptoms are displayed. On this occasion, a more important disease can be often discovered.

In our department, we are careful not to overlook these important signs. Therefore, for any kind of disease we perform meticulously periodic examinations and treatment reviews. The results are each time fed back to the patients and appropriate treatment is chosen in agreement with the patients themselves.

We put a lot of efforts in histology, which requires accurate diagnosis of skin diseases, to provide optimal care, based on accurate diagnosis, in cooperation with universities and certified pathologists.

We perform proactively ultraviolet light therapy for chronic skin diseases, CO2 laser therapy for skin tumors, surgery for ulcer caused skin tumors and peripheral circulatory disorders.
Concretely, we can also treat young children skin diseases.
Moreover, we can also use CO2 lasers to treat warts and chronic diseases such as the collagen disease and the bullous disease.