Department of Radiotherapy Yao Municipal Hospital Yao-city Osaka JAPAN

Yao Municipal Hospital

Address: 1-3-1,Ryugecho,Yao-city,Osaka,581-0069,JAPAN
TEL: +81-72-922-0881

Department of Radiotherapy

PositionFullnameFieldCertifications etc
Specially-Appointed DirectorNishiyama
Radiology (Radiotherapy)・Japan Radiological Society certified specialist in Radiology
・Japanese Society for Radiation Oncology certified physician
・Osaka University Cooperative Graduate School professor
Director of RadiologyToyofuku
Radiology (Radiotherapy)・ Japan Radiological Society Radiotherapy specialist
・ Japanese Society for Radiation Oncology Radiotherapy specialist


Our department provides radiotheraphy for cancer and treats a large variety of cancers: brain, head and neck, lung, breast, digestive tract (esophagus, rectal), gastrointestinal (hepatic, pancreatic), urological (prostate, bladder), and gynecological (cervical).

We also perform irradiation treatment to prevent benign keloids.

Since March 2016, radiotherapy equipment has become new. Please refer to here about more detailed information.

  1. Initial examinations for outpatients: morning and afternoon on Mondays and Thursdays.
    Not only inpatients, but also outpatients' initial examinations are acceptable.
  2. Subsequent examinations, for outpatients under radiotherapy: we provide examinations for patients after and under radiotherapy in the morning and afternoon on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.
  3. We answer inquiries on radiotherapy by phone from outside of the hospital.

Medical examination results

We performed over 6,000 irradiation treatments annually. Almost half of all treatments were for breast, lung, esophagus, and prostate cancers.

Educational activities

Participating in clinical clerkship for students of Osaka University Faculty of Medicine as a clinical professor as well as engaging in teaching in the Master's course of Osaka University Graduate School, Faculty of Medicine, Dapartment of Health Science as a graduate school adjunct professor.