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Yao Municipal Hospital

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Greetings from Yao Municipal Hospital business administrator, Ueno Shigeaki.

I am Shigeaki Ueno, and I was appointed as the Yao Municipal Hospital business administrator from April 1, 2021.

Since it’s opening in February 1950, as a core hospital in the community and the only municipal hospital in the city, we function and fulfill the roles of a “regional medical support hospital”, “designated regional cancer cooperation hospital”, as well as a “regional perinatal medical center”. We strive to be a hospital that is trusted by the community and a place in which our hospital staff can be proud of and work together as a team.

I was appointed as the hospital manager, and as the person in charge of hospital operations, I take my responsibility seriously as well as maintain the good traditions passed down from forerunners and have also renewed my resolution to steadily fulfill my responsibilities.

The current environment surrounding medical care has been extremely difficult, and as the focus of public medical facilities has mainly been on preventing the spread of Covid-19, balancing this with usual care has become an issue.

As a public hospital, Yao municipal hospital has continually accepted infectious patients and our hospital staff has cooperated in securing a testing system. In order to reassure those in the community, we strive to keep this a priority until the end of this pandemic while also fulfilling the “role of a public hospital” while dealing with Covid-19, “improving medical care quality”, and maintaining “sound management”.

We fulfill the role of a public hospital by enhancing medical policy including nonprofitable fields such as emergency care, pediatric/perinatal care, disaster care, and advanced medical care; we also improve medical care quality by maintaining medical equipment such as surgical robots, updating facility equipment, enhancing cancer treatment, and improving medical functions.

Additionally, regarding sound management, the activities in the newly formulated public hospital management plan (Ver.Ⅳ) are promoted, and while civic cooperation through PFI projects are promoted, we also strive to maintain funds that should be emphasized in stable management at a certain level and improve management soundness.

Thank you for your support as our hospital staff cooperate to continually protect the lives and health of everyone in the community and steadily provide safe and quality medical care.

April 1st, 2021
Yao Municipal Hospital business administrator, Ueno Shigeaki

Yao municipal hospital business administrator
 Ueno Shigeaki

Greetings from Special President of Yao Municipal Hospital, Sasaki Yo

In March 2019, I resigned from the role of president, which I fulfilled for 4 years after retiring from the position of hospital director, and was appointed to the newly established role of special president.    

From the broad viewpoint I have as a president, I have been able to navigate the overall medical care of the municipal hospital and contribute to regional medical care. Meanwhile, I have also established a regional comprehensive care system, regional medical schemes, and the position of public hospitals within the new municipal hospital reform plans as well as actively promoted the cancer cooperation network within the Nakakawachi area as a designated regional cancer cooperation hospital. Furthermore, the role of the Osaka hospital association president was appointed in July last year and the Osaka Medical Council has discussed various problems concerning the medical care not only in the city or Nakakawachi area but also within Osaka; based on such discussions, measures are decided and approved. 

The role of a special president is not specialized in one clinical field like a special director; rather, this role has a wider vision enabling them to lead the medical care of Yao municipal hospital through internal/external hospital activities and is expected to fulfill the function of promoting a wider range of various upgrades in medical care. In reality, the improvement of not only their own hospital but also of the entire medical district is the mission of municipal hospitals, and as a special president, I will do my best to carry out this mission. 

The management rationalization based on the public hospital reform plan has had steady success by means of 7 consecutive profitable years. Furthermore, while promoting functions demanded of municipal hospitals according to the regional medical schemes such as facility functions, enhancing treatment systems, and providing advanced and specialized treatment including cancer treatment, medical care that is closer to the community such as emergency, pediatric, and perinatal care have also been actively conducted. Advanced medical care mainly for cancer and community-centered medical care are the two wheels of this hospital and it is necessary to continue to make improvements without being complacent with the current situation.

Finally, as a surgeon, in order to protect the health of more patients, I would like to put even more effort into hepato biliary pancreatic surgeries, conducted with many years of training experience, outpatient care, as well as the “Liver cancer Yorozu speciality outpatient” and the “second opinion”, which were started to help troubled patients in some small way.

April 2019
Sasaki Yo, Special President of Yao Municipal Hospital

Special President of Yao Municipal Hospital
Sasaki Yo

Greetings from President of Yao Municipal Hospital, Hoshida Shirou

In April 2019, the treatment system of Yao municipal hospital was renewed and a president was annointed. The social demand for medical care has been changing rapidly in the super-aged society of Japan.

In order to fulfill the roles demanded of a municipal hospital, a message to promote the 3 arrows of “enhancing acute stage hospital functions”, “continuing activities as a regional medical support hospital”, and “establishing activities as a designated regional cancer cooperation hospital” to work on as a “municipal hospital team” are issued to current staff and effort is made to fulfill these functions.

As a result, the number of emergency patients as well as inpatients has increased over the years leading to over 7 consecutive profitable years.

Organizational strength that combines the “3 arrows” is required in order to fulfill the basic philosophy of the hospital: “providing advanced and quality medical care”, “promoting community-based medical care”, and “practicing sound hospital management”. The hospital has a wide variety of staff including doctors/nurses and the same number of technicians/clerical personnel. Although the strength of each individual may be small, the hospital management can be advanced by combining it towards the same direction and promoting medical care as a team. In April 2018, Yao city became a core city and the healthcare center also came under the jurisdiction of the Yao city. Therefore, as a municipal hospital, we would like to keep pace with the healthcare center and comprehensively support the health of the public.

Unlike other municipal hospitals, we have been one of the first to adopt the public-private-partnership (PPP) based PFI (Private Finance Initiative) method concerning hospital management. This is a method that reflects the community know-how in the municipal hospital management and takes advantage of both the public and private strengths. The first period of 15 years planned at the time finished in 2018. The second period of 15 years is starting from May in line with the beginning of a new era, Reiwa, and the changes in the medical environment.

With medical safety, which is fundamental for hospitals, as a pillar, we accurately grasp the medical needs of the community based on the regional medical schemes and continuously consider and implement ways to make the hospital more appealing to the public. Please continue to support us as we make more of an effort to release information through PR magazines and municipal hospital open courses and aim to be a hospital that makes the community proud by cooperating with our hospital staff.

April, 2019
President of Yao Municipal Hospital, Hoshida Shirou


President of Yao Municipal Hospital
Hoshida Shirou


Greetings from the director of Yao Municipal Hospital, Tamura Shigeyuki

As of April 1st, 2019, I have succeeded the former Yao hospital director and assumed the role of director of the Yao municipal hospital.

As an acute stage hospital, we have aimed to provide the safest and latest medical care to all in the community as well as enhanced the number of staff, facility functions and treatment systems.
Our activities have been gradually recognized as the the hospital was designated as the “regional medical support hospital” in November 2012 as well as the “designated regional cancer cooperation hospital” by the government in April 2015.

Our hospital staff will continue to work as a team in order to meet the diverse medical needs of the community and to provide the best medical care.

The following 3 points are important items that should be addressed.
1) Further enhancement of cancer treatments
2) Continuation of medical policy including emergency, pediatric, and perinatal medical care
3) Enhancement of medical care to preserve/improve the QOL (Quality of life)

Concerning the first point which is cancer care, treatments such as “surgery”, “radiotherapy”, and “chemotherapy” must be appropriately selected based on the type of cancer and stage of pregression. We aim to provide treatments that are effective and gentle by actively conducting laparoscopic surgery and preparing the latest radiotherapy equipment and outpatient chemotherapy rooms. Additionally, we also put effort into cancer counseling, jobassistance, and palliative care in order to to give patients a sense of security.
Secondly, emergency, pediatric, and perinatal medical care are tasks demanded of municipal hospitals as shown in the new municipal hospital reform guideline, and are a mission that is vital in protecting the health of the community.
Thirdly, medical care that preserves/improves QOL is an important issue in the future of medical treatments. As it is said that the current difference between the average lifespan and healthspan is 10 years, it is necessary to extend the healthspan by maintaining cardiac, mobility, and endocrine functions. Therefore, we would like to prevent disease and maintain QOL by means of the appropriate medical care.

Please support us as we continuously cooperate with medical institutions and clinics and work together towards “providing everyone in the community with advanced and quality medical treatment that can be trusted by all”.

April, 2019
The director of Yao Municipal Hospital, Tamura Shigeyuki

Yao municipal hospital director  
Tamura Shigeyuki

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