Hospital history Yao Municipal Hospital Yao-city Osaka JAPAN

Yao Municipal Hospital

Address: 1-3-1,Ryugecho,Yao-city,Osaka,581-0069,JAPAN
TEL: +81-72-922-0881

February1950Opening of the Yao city citizens hospital at 2-1-55 Minami Taishido Yao city (5 departments, 32 beds).
February1953Named changed to Yao municipal hospital.
September1980Completion of the South building extension (380 beds for general diseases, 66 beds for infectious diseases patients)
April2003Clinical training hospital
May2004Opening of the new hospital at 1-3-1 Ryugecho Yao city (16 departments, 380 beds)
August2004Japan Council for Quality Health Care's Hospital Evaluation Standard accredited hospital
November2007Osaka prefecture perinatal medical center certification
July2008DPC applying hospital
November200818 department, 380 beds
February2009Establishment of "Yao Municipal Hospital Reform Plan"
April2009Transition to apply the local public corporation act, appointment as Osaka cancer treatment base hospital
August2009Japan Council for Quality Health Care's Hospital Evaluation Standard ver. 6.0
March201120 departments, 380 beds
February2012Establishment of "Yao Municipal Hospital Management Plan (2012-2014)"
April201221 departments, 380 beds
November2012Regional Medical Support Center Approval
April2015Appointed as an associate base hospital of regional cancer treatment
June2017Won the Excellent Municipal Hospital Award (National municipal hospital founder council and the national municipal hospital council chairman awards)
November2017Won the Excellent Hospital Award of the National public hospital federation
June2018Won the Excellent Municipal Hospital Award (MIC awards)
August2019Approved in the function evaluations of the Japan Council of Quality Health Care