Basic policy
  1. We emphasize medical safeness, and pursue a high-quality and acute stage of medical care.
  2. We establish a medical care system enhancing cooperation with regional institutions and role sharing between health and welfare.
  3. We ensure medical policies for emergencies, perinatal and pediatric care, and disaster medical care exist at a high level.
  4. We respect the patients' wills and rights, aiming for a hospital trusted by citizens.
  5. We pursue a hospital where staff can be proud of a conscious and sound by adopting the Private Finance Initiative Method.
  6. We endeavor to improve medical quality with the enhancement of study and training for medical staff.
Patient Bill of Rights
  1. Patients can equally receive safe and high-quality medical care, respectful of their individual personalities.
  2. Patients can select and determine to receive medical treatment of their own free will, after having received a sufficient explanation on necessary information.
  3. Patients can ask the medical staff to explain unclear aspects concerning their medical treatment untill they are satisfied. Furthermore, they have the right to ask for the disclosure of their medical records if they have any questions.
  4. Parents' personal information and medical records are strictly protected and they have the rights for their privacy to be protected.
  5. Patients can seek advice (including a second opinion) about their treatment from different doctors and have the rights to see doctors at different hospitals.
  6. Patients are responsible for providing correct information about their health conditions and for not disrupting other patients treatments.
Clinical ethics policy
  1. We provide thoughtful and quality medical care by respecting the values and individuality of our patients.
  2. We support and respect the decisions of our patients concerning treatment options.
  3. We thoroughly protect privacy, personal information, as well as medical information and practice medical care that can be trusted.
  4. We comply with medical related laws and regulations to provide safe and secure medical care.
About our Privacy Policy
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